The Career Search Engine



The Career Seer Search Engine

Ethical Searching

The Career Seer Search Engine is an ethical search engine. Here are the policies it follows.

  • It follows the robots.txt disallow rules.
  • It uses a page cache to avoid duplicate page requests in a 24 to 48 hour period
  • It does NOT publish Email addresses.
  • It ONLY reads pages related to finding career postings. These include the corporate page, contact page, career pages and on occasion the site map.
  • It does NOT download media files (video, audio, images).

Depth and Breadth

Career Seer has a narrow focus, searching pages that relate to careers. This includes corporate (abut us) and contact pages, to gather office location information. Career Seer goes deeper than most search engines and will traverse pages that are blocked from many search engines by "spider traps". It will find company job postings that are posted "offsite", provided the offsite url contains the core of the emplyer domain name.

Search Frequency

The frequency that a site is searched (site search priority) depends on a number of factors. The default search priority is 7, ie the site is indexed every week. The priority can change based on a number of factors. Here are some guidelines:
  • Default indexing cycle is 7 days.
  • Sites submitted to Career Seer, improved by 1
  • Sites linking to Career Seer, improved by 1
  • Sites with job postings, improved by 1
  • Sites lots of job postings, improved by another 1
  • Sites with Paid Indexing, 1 (daily) to be offered in the future.
  • Sites with infrequent job posting may be searched less frequently than the default.
  • Factors are cumulative, sites submitted and linked to Career Seer, with lots of job postings will be indexed every 3 (7-1-1-1-1) days.
The above is only a guide. Actual indexing frequency may vary depending on factors such as the number and frequency of job postings.

The Career Seer Database

As a searchable career database we provide job seekers direct access to corporate career pages. In "classic" search engine style, candidates search our database and are provided links that match their search criteria. This drives qualified candidates directly to corporate career pages.

The Career Seer Database provides access to thousands of current job postings through both simple and advanced database queries. Results are based on matching the search criteria, including location. Results are listed in a reverse chronological order, based on the date they were found.