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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some postings, not postings?

If you see "postings" that are not jobs, drop us a line (use the reporting box above). We always want to improve the quality of our listings.

Why do some career links go to missing pages?

Sometimes the pages have been removed since our last search and they are simply no longer there.

In some cases (for example their dynamic page generation uses a "visitor id" as part of the page address. The result is we cannot give you the right page address, because it is different for every visitor.

Why are some sites not indexed?

There are a number of potential reasons.

  • Sites that only provide career access though a search form can be an issue.
  • Sites have the right to block search engines and we honour that right. Honda and Cisco are two companies that do this.
  • The site may not have been submitted to our database.
  • We only index "corporate" sites. In addition to the home page we expect a corporate or contact page with the company address, and a "Careers" page linking to their job postings. Sites that do not provide this may not be indexed.

Why are some postings missing for a site?

To index a posting we depend on extracting certain information from the posting to recognize it as a posting and then to add it to the database so it can be retrieved. We do not index posting for which we cannot determine the location or a job title.

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