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Career Seer is a search engine for Jobs, plus features to help you in your job search.

More Jobs than conventional career sites

Career Seer crawls the web adding every job we can find to our database. This delivers many more jobs than conventional career sites, including many jobs that are not well advertised.

Advanced Searches Made Easy

Search just the job titles and/or the body of the postings to get exactly the jobs you want. Complex searches are easy, for example: J2EE/J2SE/java -J2ME Ottawa/Kanata returns all results with any of the terms J2EE, J2SE, or java, but not postings with J2ME, in Ottawa or Kanata.

Customize your job search*

  • name your searches to run again
  • results delivered by email
  • Search over a time period, or since last search
  • Save your favorite jobs listings for future reference
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Add your favorite Sites

Personalize our job search engine. Add your favorite companies, then the Career Seer search will include these in its search. No more manual checking, company by company.

To add multiple sites, click on Add Sites.

About On-line Job Hunting

First generation career sites serve only companies willing to pay for career advertising. This leaves many career opportunities (more than 50% ?) difficult to access on corporate websites. Traditional career sites then compete with each other to divide up the advertised market. Even major career sites with a 20% share of the paid posting market only deliver 10% or less of the available careers! In contrast, Career Seer uses a proprietary search engine to list as many career opportunities as we can find. Our goal is to provide 100% of the careers posted on company websites.

To achieve our goal, we use a Next Generation semantic search technology. Our search is exclusively career focused, holistic and deeper than popular search engines. We gather information from each website as a whole to provide the most comprehensive career listings. Our career focus allows us to process forms that most search engines can't. We dig deeper for the listings you want.

Our search engine is not perfect. We encourage you to report any missing postings with the "Report a Problem" form.

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