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Title Words:These words must appear in the job title.
Leave blank for more results.
Keywords:These words must appear somewhere in the posting body or title.
 City:To select multiple cities, connect the cities with a forward slash(/).
e.g. Ottawa/Kanata/Nepean
 State/Prov:Not usually required. Use either full state/province name or two letter abbreviation.
e.g. Ontario or ON
 Site:Search a single site.

Search Tips

  1. Each word you request must occur in the listing.
    Example:  Software Developer
    Returns listings with software AND developer.

  2. To return listings with either A or B use A/B
    Example 1: Keywords: Developer/programmer
    Returns listings with Developer OR programmer.
    Example 2: City: Ottawa/Kanata/Gatineau
    Returns listings in Ottawa OR Kanata OR Gatineau.

  3. Exclude listings with a term by prefixing it with a negative (-) sign.
    Example:  developer -tester
    Returns listings with the word developer that DO NOT contain the word tester.

  4. You can search just the job title or the entire posting (including the job title).
    Example 1: Title Words: Software Developer
    Returns postings with the words Software and Developer in the job title.

    Example 2: Keywords: Software Developer
    Returns postings with the words Software and Developer in the job title or in the body of the posting.

    Example 3:
    Title Words: Software Developer
    Keywords: Java
    Returns postings with Software Developer in the title and the word Java in the job title or in the body.

  5. Capitalization (UPPER/lower/Title Case) does not matter.

    Example: Project Manager and project manager return the same results.
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