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Looking for top employees? Career Seer helps you find the best talent by leveraging your own web site. Listing with Career Seer drives qualified traffic to career pages on your website for FREE. Click here to find out how Career Seer works.

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Premium (Fee based) Services

Vist our premiun services page, for information on:
  • advertising your posting on Career Seer,
  • promoting your posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other Social Media Platforms,
  • on-line application processing

How Career Seer works

Company career pages are an essential part of any company's internet presence and HR process. While online postings allow career seekers to navigate to the site and through the postings, this is a laborious process for career seekers checking more than a few companies. The result is that career seekers access only their top company picks, and do this sporadically. Career Seer consolidates company career listings into one database that can be easily searched and provides direct access to the original web pages.

"Traditional" Career sites compete for career advertising, dividing career listings among them. This creates silos of career listings. Candidates must check many career sites and the sites of companies that do not pay for advertising. The aim of Career Seer is to provide the maximum number of career listings in one place and to make them the easiest to navigate.

Listing in the Career Seer database is both FREE and EASY. Listing in the database is as simple as submitting your web site URL. The Career Seer search engine indexes the opportunities, and removes them from our database when they expire or are removed.

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