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Add your favorite Company Sites

Do you have specific companies you are interested in working for? You can add sites to our search list to include their listings in our database. (Please do not add "Career sites".)

If you add your favorite companies, then Career Seer will include these in it's search. This saves you from having to check company, by company. Use the bulk "Add Companies" to add a list of companies from a webpage or from your favorites folder.

Add a company to our career database - results may be available within minutes.
URL: Example:


Bulk Add companies to our career database - results may be available within days.


Text Format - One company address per line.

HTML Format: - Cut and paste HTML that uses the
<a href="">Company One</a> link format.

Favorite Bookmarks: - See below.

How to Export Bookmarks:

If you have bookmarked your favorite career pages you can convert these to an HTML format. In the Internet Explorer menu bar
select File
select Import and Export...
select Next
select Export Favorites
select the Folder you want to export
change the name of the export file (optional)
copy the path and file name
select Finish
Open the file with your favorite editor.
Copy the contents (ctrl-a,ctrl-c).
Select the bulk entry box and paste the file (ctrl-v)
Select Add Companies.

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